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Information about the Kingdom, interesting places, travel guides and sightseeing tours in Jeddah and Taif
Who are we
ARABESSA is a special guide in Saudi Arabia. We are located in Jeddah and we will be happy to show you all the most interesting places, popular with both tourists and locals. Visit mysterious Saudi Arabia, and we will help you uncover all its secrets, easily and with pleasure!

What do we do

Sightseeing tours and travel guides for independent travelers

Jeddah discover

An excursion with a visit to the main attractions of the city, including a visit to the historical museum and a walk along the Red Sea Cornish.

Duration: 4 hours
Price: 100$ per person

Taif trip

One-day tour to the Taif city, resort town of the Al-Hijaz Area, with a visit to the rose factory.

Duration: 12 hours
Price: by request

Travel guides

Individual travel guides for independent travel in Saudi Arabia. We will help you to create exciting routes with specific locations and recommendations.

Duration: by request
Price: by request

Transfer arrangement

In addition, we are able to help with the transfer arrandements from the Airports of Jeddah and Taif. We will meet you with a sign and provide a comfortable way to the hotel/apartment, including transfer to Mecca* (*strictly for Muslims only)

Additional services

We are ready to make your visit to Saudi Arabia as comfortable as possible


We provide consultations on non-standard routes, visa processing, and preparation for the trip


We help in negotiations and business meetings with translation into Russian, English, and Arabic

News and events

We cover interesting news and changes in the Kingdom.

Useful tips

We give useful tips to tourists and expats
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